Who is Julie van den Boorn?


She is a 29 years old product designer.

Graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven (June 2016)


She is a truly passionate designer!


Julie is obsessed with structures, material, color, 

technical processes and every other aspect of creation.

She’s inspired by the simple things in life,

like the pure function of something contemporary like a nail or a screw.


What are her interests?

Julie’s interest are design, architecture, music within her own vocal voice. 

An outspoken passion for cars, and experiencing life through her curious eyes.


During her Erasmus programme she did an internship at BMW group AG Munchen. Where she was a part of the colour and Trim Design team for MINI.


About Julie


Currently she is company owner of 


Pōur is a brand off the company

Design Atelier van den Boorn.

She is Head of Material Development & Product design at Pōur.Pōur is a design and product development brand that RE-harvest raw materials to create new circular products and applications. Pōur challenges the concept of waste. Made local with people with a special position on the labor market. We are blessed to have people that have so much knowledge and passion working on our products.

Mail:   info@julievdboorn.com

Tel:     +31 6 13 31 52 15



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